Carl Simon holds Brunswick's innings together

(6 August 2015 - Brighton Brunswick v Banstead)

John Connelly captaining the Brunswick XI against Banstead CC on Thursday 6 August in their cricket week won the toss and elected to bat.

A hard core of the Brunswick team, having accepted the invitation of the President of Banstead C.C. Nick Potter to play in his XI the previous day against a Banstead XI, stayed locally overnight in the hospitality of the house of a player's parents. They all arrived at the ground with dark rings under their eyes!!!!

With the ball swinging and cutting in the early humid conditions the opening batsmen Cam Burgon and Dan Phillips struggled against the Banstead's medium fast opening bowling attack of Condie and Estall. Runs were hard to come by and with the score on 12 Phillips, who has been in superb form this season, received a fine ball from Estall which cut back viciously from outside off stump and took the inside edge of his bat. Wicket keeper Henderson took a fine diving one-handed catch to his left to send Phillips back to the pavilion for only 5.

This brought Alex Crowther, Haywards Heath's Australian overseas player to the crease. It was hard for him to concentrate with the noise from the pavilion as the England bowlers were seen on the Sky TV to tear to shreds his fellow Test batsmen! However, it was Alex's innings of 28, opening bat Cam Burden's 23 and Mike Rose's 23 batting at six, who supported Carl Simon batting at five which held the Brunswick's innings together! With the score on 35 Burgon, who had been batting conservatively, received a similar ball from Estall which dismissed Phillips, and edged it to Marbubani at first slip who took a simple catch. 35-2.

Luke Appleton, having struggled for 9 balls to put bat to the swinging ball, eventually nicked a catch to the slips from the other opening bowler Condie and was back in the pavilion for "0". 36-3.

Alex Crowther, who had batted well, stubbed the ground and mishit the spinning ball back to the bowler Thorpe, C & B for 28. Brunswick 96-4.

This brought Carl Simon to the crease. He strode in, little the worse for wear and hitting the sack at 4.30am! His longstanding reputation of being unaffected by late nights remains still fully intact!! However, the same cannot be claimed by some of his erstwhile colleague batsmen who struggled to put bat to ball!!! Lunch was taken with the Brunswick struggling on 65 -4 and Australia all-out for a record low innings of only 60!

After a wonderful lunch with plenty of free wine and beer provided by the Banstead President, play was continued. Thankfully the Brunswick batsmen, while struggling to put any worthwhile innings together, managed to stay at the crease long enough to support Carl Simon as he raced to a fine 50, hitting spinner Lock for a towering 6 over long-on. As the Brunswick batsmen came, struggled and went, Carl moved smoothly on to 90 with a fine cover-drive against the spin of Lock. Slashing at short ball from Lock to reach his "ton", Carl snicked a catch to Wood who took a superb catch at first slip to bring his fine innings of 97 to a regrettable close. He deserved his "ton" having batted for 112 minutes and faced only 106 balls. Brunswick 190-8

Rebecca Silk batting at number 8 scored a breezy 16 to bring up the 200 and the innings was brought to a close on 211 when Stan Spiegal played on bowled by Short for 2.

The sun having burnt off the clouds and humidity, and produced a hot sunny afternoon and with the ball now coming on to bat with little swing, it was debatable whether a score of 211 would be enough. However, the Banstead innings got off to a disastrous start! Carl Simon with only the 5th ball of the innings delivered a beauty. It seamed and caught the outside edge of the Stainer's bat and was very well caught by Dan Phillips at first slip for only 4. Andy Smith, bowling with pace from the other end, produced another fine ball which reared off a length, to take the edge of the bat of the other opener Thorpe and was well caught by Appleton for 5. Andy Smith bowled another howler which seamed away to take the outside edge of Estall's bat and into the safe hands of Dan Phillips. Banstead were 36-3 off only 10 overs.

Skipper Connelly rang the bowling changes extremely well introducing into the attack the spin of Becca Silk and seductive, looping spinning balls of Stan Spiegal. Chesser batting at number 4 and Lock at number 5 refused to be enticed by Speigal's spin and waiting patiently hit him for 18 runs of only two overs. Another change of bowling saw the introduction of the left arm spin of Mike Rose. This bowling change met with immediate success as Rose deceived Chesser with a faster ball and he was caught on the back foot in front, LBW for 16. Banstead 75-4.

The batsmen found Becca Silk, who was bowling an immaculate length, hard to score from. In frustration and in trying to accelerate the score rate Short hit a high ball to deep mid-on where Andy Smith, running at least 30 yards took a fine catch above his head. This brought the solid figure of Sutton to the crease. He faced only 5 balls from Silk and after 4, which he clearly thought he should hit out of the ground, in frustration he mishit another good length ball to Crowther at deep mid-off. 106-6.

In the meantime Lock had moved on to 48 and was the only Banstead batsman willing to get his head down against the Brunswick tight spin attack. However, when he also went for a big hit to bring up his 50 he mistimed his shot into the safe hands of Smith. 108-7.

Another change of spin saw Rose replaced by Beesley. Banstead's final three wickets collapsed against Beesley's smooth, right-arm spin with him taking 3-3 in only three overs. Banstead were all-out for 124.

The Brunswick moves on to play the Paralytics C.C. this coming Sunday 9 August again at the Banstead cricket club for a 2pm start. Our appeal on Wednesday night to club players to try to make themselves available to play in this match was met with a resounding silence! Only one apology was received from a member who is presently in Australia!!

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