Clyst Hydon C.C.'s bowlers provide the edge!

Friday 7 July 2017

Brigthon Brunswick 219-8, Clyst Hydon 235-5

The Brunswick moved on to play its last match of the tour against Clyst Hydon.

The Clyst Hydon ground is situated on the outskirts of a very picturesque village. It has very short boundaries surrounded by thick hedging which "eat-up" cricket balls! 

With the ground being on the long return journey home after the match, the captains agreed to restrict the game to a 30-over a side, with the bowlers also being restricted to 6 overs each.

Winning the toss, the Clyst Hydon captain elected to bat.

The only difference between the two sides was the bowling, with the Clyst Hydon bowlers maintaining a tighter length and giving away far fewer extras. Brunswick's extras being 37 and Clyst Hydon 17.

Connor Golding and Shawn Johnson opened the bowling for the Brunswick against the opening batsmen Piper and Ashplant. These bowlers first 8 overs only gave away 23 runs. But with the change of bowling and introduction of Daryl Gayler and Mike Rose the run scoring rate accelerated with Piper being particularly harsh on anything short or well-pitched up.

Ashplant was the first to go attempting to swing a ball from Gayler over mid-wicket and was well caught by Phillips close the boundary for only 6.

Clyst Hydon 53 for 1 off 12 overs.

Sheen batting at 3 scored only 11 runs before lobbing a ball from Rose into the safe hands of Daryl Gayler on the long-on boundary.

Clyst Hydon 84 for 2 off 14 overs.

Piper who had moved on to his 50 with a quick single through mid-wicket was joined at the crease by DeSilva. These two batsmen tore the Brunswick's bowling to pieces. They took the score on to 167 with Piper hitting a series of 4's and two 6's to bring up his 100. A superb chanceless innings off only 22 overs. Piper then retired.

Clyst Hydon 167 for 3 off 22 overs.

DeSilva reached his 50 but with the score on 212 and with only 4 overs remaining he attempted to hit a ball from Phillips out of the ground and was well caught by Ollie Blandford on the deep mid-wicket boundary.

Clyst Hydon 210 for 4 off 26 overs.

With two further wickets falling to Phillips and Beeslee the Clyst Hydon innings closed on 235 for 5.

Best of the bowling was Dan Phillips with 2 for 31 off 4 overs.

Dan Phillips and Ollie Blandford opened the batting for the Brunswick. Phillips was in a particularly belligerent mood hitting eight 4's and two 6's to bring up his 50 off only 32 balls. Blandford supported him well but was well caught by Sheen on the deep leg boundary off Billington for 20 runs.

Brunswick 55 for 1 off 7 overs.

Brad Gayler joined Phillips at the wicket. Last year in a similar position Gayler scored a superb 97 almost to win the match. But this year having been tied down for 12 balls and only scoring 5 runs he lost his patience and in attempting to hit DeSilva over the top he mistimed his shot and spooned an easy catch to mid-off.

Brunswick 79 for 2 off 10 overs.

Jonny Phelps joined Phillips and these two took control of the Clyst Hydon bowling. In the next 8 overs they took the score to 162 and with only 73 runs required off 12 overs it looked like the Brunswick was going to skate the match. However, fortunes changed when Jonny Phelps on 40, going for another big hit, was well caught on the long-on boundary by Thevaraj off DeSilva's bowling.

Brunswick 162 for 3 off 18 overs.

Dan Phillips having scored two 6's and three 4's in his last 10 balls reached a superb 100. But now the dilemma. Should he bat on or follow Piper, the Clyst Hydon's opening batsman's example, and retire on 100?

In the true spirit and great traditions of Brunswick cricket Dan also retired on 100.

Brunswick 175 for 4 off 19 overs.

Unfortunately, wanting only 60 to win off 11 overs, five of the remaining seven batsmen all lost their heads. In attempting to hit the slow spin of Lewis back over his head for six, three were caught on the boundary, one stumped and one bowled - all for only 35 runs.

The Brunswick innings closed only 16 short of the target with Andy Smith and an injured Mike Rose batting out the last over.

37 extras, consisting of 27 wides, 9 leg-byes and 5 byes, was the third highest score for Clyst Hydon and certainly contributed towards the Brunswick defeat.

But the most determining factor was the bowling of the Clyst Hydon bowler C Lewis who took 5 wickets for only 26 runs off his 6 overs.

The Brunswick would like to thank Clyst Hydon for their superb hospitality, excellent tea and great friendly rivalry which is always the main attraction of this particular fixture. 

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