Brad Gayler in run Riot against Plymouth Cricket Club

Monday 3 July 2017

Brigthon Brunswick 304-6, Plymouth CC 218-10

The Brunswick opened its 2017 Devon tour against Plymouth CC. Winning the toss Brunswick Captain Ollie Blandford elected to bat in warm humid conditions in  a 40 over match.

Dan Philips  and Simon Hoadley opened the batting on a featherbed wicket. The early conditions suited the bowlers and in the second over Hoadley, without moving his feet, played at a short ball outside the off stump from the medium pace bowling of Langley and snicked a catch into the safe hands of  wicket keeper James Cummings

Brunswick 5 for 1 off 2 overs

Brad Gayler, who is in fine form with the bat after his 128 for the Brunswick in his previous innings against Preston Nomads, joined Phillips at the wicket. 

With the ball seaming off the wicket these two batsmen struggled against the Plymouth medium pace bowling attack. Both took their time to master the difficult batting conditions.  After appearing to have patiently played himself in Phillips played for the cut on a ball from Stein which went on with the arm and was comprehensively bowled for 29.

Brunswick 41 for 2 off 11 overs.

Connor Golding batting at 4 strode to the wicket looking determined to play a big innings. After hitting Stein for a huge 6 over long on he went down the wicket at the other end to repeat the shot but was left stranded out of his crease to a fine ball from Knapman which turned ominously to have him stumped for only 9.

Brunswick 72 for 3 off 15 overs.

Jonny Phelps, another fine batsman in the runs recently for Haywards Heath Cricket Club, joined Gayler at the wicket. At this stage Gayler, who had batted very sensibly, started to increase the run rate and moved smoothly to his 50 with a pulled 6 over square leg off the spin bowling of Stein. Phelps brought up the 100 for the Brunswick with a 6 and 4 off successive balls from the bowling of Langley. Having pinched the bowling off the last ball of the over he played across a the off-spin bowling of Riaz, Plymouth’s overseas player,  which kept low and was adjudged LBW for 17.

Brunswick 104 for 4 off 20 overs.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Out strode the captain Ollie Blandford batting at six.

By now Brad Gayler was in total control of the bowling. No matter what the Plymouth bowlers threw at him there was no stopping this man. With a succession of 4’s and 6’s he moved to his 100 with a sharp 2 runs taken through mid-wicket. His hundred contained three 6’s and fourteen 4’s.

Meanwhile captain Blandford supported Gayler with a sensible uncomplicated innings as the Plymouth captain rang the bowling changes in a desperate effort to stem the run rate, but with little success. As Gayler brought up his 150 with a quick single into deep cover the Brunswick moved smoothly through 200 in the 30th over.

With the score on 206 Blandford went down the wicket to sweep the off-spin of Riaz and missed a straight one to be adjudged LBW by the Brunswick umpire for 30.

Brunswick 206 for 5 off 31 overs.

With only 9 overs remaining Daryl Gayler joined his son Brad at the wicket. Batting for the first time in 15 years he met his first 4 balls with the centre of bat and then scrambled a single to fine-leg to get off the mark! With Brad leading the charge these two took the score past the 250. But after pulling a short ball from Stein for 4 Daryl popped a simple return catch to bowler Stein and was back in the pavilion for 6.

Brunswick 251 for 6 off 35 overs.

Shawn Johnston batting down the order at 8 is no mean bat. In the next 5 overs he and Gayler flayed the tiring Plymouth bowlers to all parts of the ground. With Gayler hitting his last 5 balls for three 4’s, a 6 and a single and Johnston his last 5 balls for three huge 6’s back over the bowler’s head, these two took the Brunswick closing score to 304 off the allotted 40 overs.

Brad Gayler carried his bat hitting a superb, chance-less 169 not out which contained six 6’s and twenty-two 4’s. Shawn Johnston hit 29 not out off 14 balls.

The best of the Plymouth bowlers were:

Barry Stein 7 overs 2 for 64.

F Riaz 6 overs 2 for 31.

After a fine tea and under a cloudy sky the Plymouth opening batsmen Riaz and Palmer set about the formidable task of reaching their target of 304. Riaz was in superb form having hit 120 in Plymouth’s Premier League match over the weekend. The Brunswick medium fast opening attack of Ollie Brown and Shawn Johnston posed little problems on this slow featherbed wicket and Riaz was soon into his stride hitting Brown for a series three 4’s in one over. However, a change of bowling and introduction of the left arm spin of Mike Rose brought Brunswick’s first success. Playing back, Palmer missed a straight ball from Rose which kept low and hit him in front of all three and was out LBW for 12.

Plymouth 45 for 1 off 13 overs.

John Hagar-Burt came and went, out first ball to a fine flighted ball from Rose which tempted him down the wicket to be stumped by wicket-keeper Brad Gayler.

Plymouth 45 for 2 off 13 overs.

Luffman came to the crease to prevent Rose’s hat-trick. With all the Brunswick fielders closed in tight around the bat Rose bowled a beautiful arm ball which to the surprise of wicket keeper Brad Gayler almost took Luffman’s off stump as he played no stroke and saw the ball go for two byes! With the spin twins Josh Beeslee at one end and Rose at the other only Riaz appeared capable of dealing with the Brunswick attack. Reaching his 50 with a fine cover drive he went down the wicket and misjudged  a well-flighted ball from Beesley to be left stranded well stumped by Brad Gayler for a fine 57.

With Rose bowling beautifully he took the wickets of J Luffman caught by Shawn Johnston at deep square leg for 12 and S. Luffman caught in the covers by Dan Phillips for 13. At the end of his 8 overs Rose had broken the back of Plymouth’s batting taking 4 for 44 off his 8 overs.

Plymouth 114 for 5 off 25 overs.

Beesley took his second wicket when Kerridge batting at six snicked a catch to Golding in the slips.

Plymouth 116 for 6 off 26 overs.

With Plymouth staring into the jaws of defeat batsmen John Cummings and Barry Stein set about bringing some semblance of respectability to the score. But with the introduction of Daryl Gayler into the attack, bowling his medium slow pace of yesteryear, all caution was thrown to the wind!! Cummings on 38 skied a ball from Gayler to deep mid-wicket where Jonny Phelps made no error in taking the catch.

Plymouth 173 for 7 off 33 overs.

Phelps took the next wicket of Barry Stein stumped for 40.

Plymouth 195 for 8 off 35 overs.

Daryl Gayler took his second wicket when Knapman on 16 went down the wicket and took a wild swing, missed and was well stumped by Brad Gayler. This was Brad’s third dumping of the innings.

Plymouth 207 for 9 off 37 overs.

And the Plymouth innings came to a close on 218 as the last wicket of Langmead fell to Daryl Gayler who bowled him for a duck.

Best of the Brunswick bowlers were:

Mike Rose 8 overs 4 for 44

Josh Beeslee 8 overs 2 for 35

Daryl Gayler 2.3 overs 3 for 21.

Man of the match went to Brad Gayler for his superb 169 not out and three stumpings.

Our thanks go to Plymouth C.C. for providing excellent hospitality. A great match played in the true spirit of the game by both sides and to get the Brunswick tour off on the right foot.

The Brunswick moves on to play Torquay today with the weather set to get a lot warmer during the week.

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