5th June heralds the start of the 2016 season
for the Brunswick!!!

(6 June 2016)

There cannot be many occasions in the annuals of the Brunswick that the club had to wait until the first week in June to play its first match of the season! But the wet weather and lack of player availability managed to combine together to delay the Brunswick taking to the field in its opening match of the 2016 season until the 5th June against The Chairman's XI from Preston Nomads C.C.

In the magnificent surroundings of the Sussex downs and probably the hottest weekend of the year so far, these two teams met together to renew the friendly rivalry which only those who attend the matches will understand and appreciate. While winning is always the main focus of every captain there is always the most important and underlying factor of enjoying this wonderful game called "cricket". And the two captains of the sides that met this last weekend ensured that everyone, players and spectators, were presented with a match which met the highest standards and best traditions of the game. Congratulations to all who were involved.

Winning the toss, Connor Golding the Brunswick captain elected to bat on a slow but even paced wicket which saw the odd ball keep low. Isaac Leckie and Matt Blandford opened the batting against the medium paced attack of Rahman and Symes. Runs came easily for both batsmen and it was not until the score reached 101 that the Nomads had their first success. Blandford played back to a ball from Symes which kept low and was rapped on the pads, in front and back in his crease, LBW for 30. Vic Davies, Three Bridges CC overseas player, joined Leckie at the crease and these two accelerated the scoring rate. Leckie moved on to a fine 50 with a magnificent drive through the covers. With the score on 146, Leckie played a rash stroke to another ball which kept low and was comprehensively bowled by Ananda for a fine 71.

The introduction of Carl Simon from the bottom end of the ground saw the run rate not only stemmed but also the fall of two quick wickets. Davies who was batting well received a yorker which swung in from the off and was comprehensively bowled for 30. Matt O'Keefe, Haywards Heath CC overseas player from Australia, received a similar ball from Simon, and was back in the pavilion, bowled for 1. With the score on 162 for 4 Brad Gaylor and Ollie Blandford came to the crease. Gaylor was in great form and scored quickly to all parts of the ground. He reached his 50 off only 39 balls with a quick single through mid-wicket. But with the score on 228 Gaylor played across a ball from Rahman and was bowled around his legs. With the score on 239 for 6 off 39 overs Connor Golding declared.

After a magnificent Jan Smith tea, which she is now well renowned for on the club circuit, Dan Phillips and Taran Ikram opened the batting for the Nomads against the pace attack of George Ainsley and Connor Golding. With the score on 25, Ikram risked a quick single to Golding and was well run out at the bowler's end. Philips was in his usual belligerent form and helped himself to four successive 4s off Golding. However, with the introduction of Neil Ellis, Banstead's fast overseas bowler from Australia, Phillips was sorted out by one from Ellis which was far too quick for him and was comprehensively bowled for a fine 44. The Nomads 55-2.

Golding operated his bowling changes very well and with the introduction of the left arm spin of Rose and pace attack of Ellis the Nomads early batting was soon in distress. Shepperden was bowled for 1 off another quick ball from Ellis and Rose's spin baffled Ananda and Luke Appleton who each only scored 9 and 1. Nomads 68-5.

The Nomads middle order batsmen Smith and Capil put their heads down and stemmed the fall of wickets. Smith was in especially good form and struck Tom Blandford for a succession of three fours in one over. With the last 20 overs called at 6.16pm and the score on 90-5 survival appeared to be the only option. However, with the score on 124, Smith mistimed a drive off Ollie Blandford to cover where Ainsley took a simple catch. 124-6 with 14 overs left.

Capil experienced no problems with the Brunswick bowling attack and appeared quite capable of carrying his bat for the endurance of the game. However, he played an uncharacteristic rash shot across the line from a ball from Vic Davies and was bowled for a fine 42 with the score on 161-7.

Despite a spirited performance from Gutpa the rest of the Nomads batting succumbed to the introduction of Golding who bowled Gupta for 16, Ibrahim was run out for 0 and the last batsman Mike English bowled by Golding for 0.

With only 2 overs left of the 20, Preston Nomads innings closed on 173.

While this was a good opening win for the Brunswick both sides must be congratulated for playing the match in the true spirit of the game.

The Brunswick moves on to play Linden Park C.C. at Tunbridge Wells Kent for a 2pm start on Wednesday 8 June.

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